Why do Toenails turn black?

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Why do Toenails turn black?

The toe nails become black when something heavy is dropped on the toe. The black toes can also result from the shoes that do not fit properly or from a type of sport like running downhill or while doing snow skiing. The toe nail can turn into different color due to the injury that has occurred under the toe nail which causes blood blisters. Most people suffer from the blackened toes caused due to the bruises. This can happen in various ways.

Generally Athletes get this blackened toe nails when they run rapidly downhill and suddenly stop. The abrupt stopping makes the front part of the foot to get pressed upside down into the shoes. As you were already running, the turning of the front part of the shoes will be very fast and results in clotting of the blood. The high pressure will create some damage to the toenails and causes severe injury inside the nail. The excess blood and the fluid will separate the nail from the toenail bed. The blood gives the black color to the nail. The skiing persons who do this act in winter usually faces the problem of toe blackening as the snow fall will be high in this season. When you walk for long time also there is possibility of getting black toe nail.
When the toe nail turns black, the pressure under the nails must be released very quickly. The blood that is accumulated should be drained out by applying any antibiotic cream or alcohol. Toe nail can also be blackened due to a fungal infection. Mycosis is the disease caused by the fungus and the infection of the toe nails with a fungus was called as Onychomycosis. The skin fungi can create changes in the shape of the nails and destroy the functioning of nails. When the environment is warm and moist and the nails are exposed to that, then there is chance for the fungus to develop on them. This can also cause black nails.

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