Why Do Trees Lose Their Leaves?

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Why Do Trees Lose Their Leaves?

Each year, the majority of trees throughout the world lose their leaves and their beautiful color, but many people out there don’t know why this happens. Many think that it is purely because the weather changes and that is just what trees do, but this is not correct. There is way more to it than that and it can often be more than one factor that plays a part in this natural process.

The main reason why trees lose their leaves each year is simply because they age just like everything else in nature. A good comparison to leaves falling off trees is the way that dogs shed their fur. New fur grows back, but their new fur will be much stronger and will protect them better. When people check to see the age of trees, they can look at the old markings of leaves that have fallen off to get an approximate age.

Climate changes throughout the year can also play a part in trees losing their leaves, depending on the species in question. If a certain area has a drought pretty much out of no where, a tree that depends on rain water to survive will often lose its leaves far before the rest of the tree starts to die. This is because the roots of the tree feed the leaves and keep them alive.

Everything that the tree goes through each year is very unique and quite a sight to see if you are lucky enough to watch a fast speed video to see each step of the process. It is actually a good feeling sometimes to see the old leaves falling off of the trees because you know that not too long from then there will be new bright ones hanging off of the branches all over the place.

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