Why do Twilight Vampires sparkle?

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Why do twilight vampires sparkle?

Twilight is a title of a novel written by Stephenie Meyer. This highly fictional novel is basically inspired by the historically frightening features that vampires possess. However, twilight does not focus on imposing threat and horror to its readers. Instead, it creates a different context of the relationship that can romantically build up between vampires and human beings. This is where Edward and Bella came to being. While such kinds of novel can become predictable at some point, there are characteristics and properties that are reflected in the novel, which typically deviated from what has been set in the society. One of which is the featured character of Edward to sparkle when struck by the rays of the Sun.

The vampires in Twilight, particularly Edward, only glisten when exposed to the Sun, contrary to the traditional feature that vampires get burnt when hit by the Sun’ rays. This has significantly displayed another concept.

One of the reasons behind the vampires sparkling feature is because of the author herself. The author elaborated in one of her interviews that the sparkling of the vampires in her novel was well conceptualized in her dream. Inspired by what the author dreamt of, the novel of Twilight was created with such distinct feature among vampires of this modern era.

Another reason why vampires in the novel, Twilight, do sparkle is because they were intentionally made to have crystal-like type of skin. With this at hand, light is able to reflect when struck by sun’s rays, making vampires glisten in bright light.

While Twilight has evidently garnered public attention and interest, the concept about vampires in this novel is definitely unique. It does not focus on what the general public has already known, instead, it presents a whole new genuine perception.

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