Why do UFC fighters paint their toenails?

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“UFC,” or “Ultimate Fighting Championship” refers to a company that promotes mixed martial arts around the world.  It holds several fights under eight weight divisions.  The UFC is currently based in the U.S., but its fights are shown in different networks from different countries around the world.  Players of this sport are called UFC fighters who primarily have  backgrounds in several other disciplines, especially those that involve martial arts.  Some have backgrounds in karate, jiu-jitsu, and taekwondo, while others also have experience in wrestling, boxing, or Muay Thai.  And since the popular sport involves kicking one’s opponent as one of the moves, many people and fans of the sport have noticed that some UFC fighters paint their toenails.  This has led to many questions on why this particular activity is done by male UFC fighters.  But there is actually one simple reason for this particular occurrence.  The only reason that toenail-painting is done by UFC fighters is to make their nails stronger.  It is said that the nail polish will help strengthen toenails making them withstand extra pressure from kicking, for example.  Toenails can easily crack and break if they are left unpolished.

In a competitive sport like the UFC, a fighter needs all the help he can get.  If he can get some help or advantage in terms of toenail strength, then putting on some nail polish shouldn’t be a cause of concern.  But then, of course, the nail polish color is usually black since it involves male fighters and players of the sport.  It would have been a different issue all throughout the sport if some UFC fighter chose a more feminine color like pink or red, for example.  If this is the case, then the toenails of such a fighter would command much more attention than the fight or the sport itself.

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