Why do vesicles move around the cytoplasm?

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Vesicles are subunits of cells that perform various functions. They are commonly referred to as organelles as many of them are likened as different organs within the cell. With their various functions, vesicles are often found moving in various directions within the cell’s cytoplasm.  In most cases, vesicles serve to transport nutrients to various parts of the cell and they can only do it by means of moving around within the cytoplasm.  There are also times wherein the vesicles themselves need nutrients and so they need to move from one place to another. Transport vesicles are specifically designed to move certain molecules from one cell sub-unit to another.  With this special function, vesicles literally need to move within the cytoplasm.

When vesicles try to move within the cytoplasm of the cell, they could do it in two different ways.  One way is by literally hitching a ride with some special types of proteins that are situated inside the cell.  Proteins like kinesin and dyein for example help some organelles or vesicles in terms of movement within the cell’s cytoplasm.  Another way for the vesicles to move around is through the formation of actin, a substance needed to increase pressure within the cytoplasm and cause the vesicles to be transported to other parts.

Some vesicles also function in terms of cellular digestion.  The only way for these vesicles, called lysosomes, to function properly is through moving about in the cytoplasm to participate in the process called endocytosis.  There are also vesicles that need to move and stick to damaged organelles and perform their so-called cell-eating function. There are also vesicles that have secretory functions and need to move and adhere to other parts of the cell in order to affect a certain process or cellular activity. With so much to do and perform, vesicles literally need to move in the cell’s cytoplasm.

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