Why do veterans deserve our support?

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Why do veterans deserve our support?

Veterans are people who have basically served one occupation for the longest period of time. However, the term in this context, specifically refers to the veterans of war. War veterans, also called as military veterans, often receive special treatment in their respective countries due to the sacrifices they made during wars. Over various countries around the world, veterans are given priority and are treated with utmost respect. This is one form of showing gratitude for their unrequited dedication to serving their country and their fellowmen.

For the majority of the veteran population, the effect of active military service can be profound and lasting that some of the veterans has found it difficult to adjust to normal life again. Studies conducted have shown that veterans are prone to committing suicide. Because of this undeniable fact, it is but fair enough that modern people show gratitude to the veterans by supporting and helping them in any way possible. There are veterans whose resources have become inadequate and insufficient to simply meet one’s basic needs. There are also others who are abandoned and unrecognized by their family members. It is in these cases that support from the common people is intensely needed. The veterans need and deserve all the support they can get mainly because they have contributed much to the establishment of a stable country. Without these veterans who were willing to sacrifice their lives, have done a great role in the form of service. And in times where veterans need support, it is the best time and opportunity that the modern people do their job of serving their country and their fellowmen as well.

Although there are negative speculations regarding the veterans, it is a fact that they have done so much for their country.

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