Why do videos run slowly on my computer?

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The video files visualized through the internet are generally very slow. This can be due to the low speed of the computer or the less temporary memory space of the computer. The slow running of videos might happen due to reasons like low space in the hard disk, due to the pending programs and corrupt files, data corruption, due to problem with windows updates or old drivers, due to overheating of computers, operating system corruption and problematic hardware.

It is necessary to reboot the computer before following any more steps to reboot it. It is necessary for the hard disk space to be at least 200 to 500 MB. This will make the space in the computer for swap file to enhance the size of it or increase the size of the temporary files. The hard disk space that is present has to be determined and regaining it can make the videos to run fast.

The video card which is not up to the standard, computer processor, video players, software drivers and RAM that are old cause problems in playing videos. The videos will not sync with the audio players. Very old video cards will not have capacity to play some videos like high definition videos (HD). The HD videos would require more powerful video cards.

If the RAM is very low, the temporary data cannot be stored properly and hence the videos cannot run fast. The processor in the computer which is old one may show slow performance in playing the videos. The single core processors are not used for enhancing the performance and the video display needs dual core or quad core processors. It is observed that 2 GHz processors are necessary for playing HD videos. The memory card and graphic card have to be upgraded to make the videos to run fast.

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