Why Do Vitamins make Urine Yellow?

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Why Do Vitamins make Urine Yellow?

Urine most of times turns into bright color as the body lacks water. When we take multi-vitamin tablets, the nutrients that we get through these vitamins are observed to be flushed out through yellow colored urine. This might occur as the body lacks much water to dilute the vitamins and absorb them properly. If we take in much water, then the urine will not appear bright yellow while flushing them. If urine is yellow it means that the body is under dehydration. The yellow color of the urine is not really a dangerous signal. If excess vitamin C or B or beta carotene which is the precursor to vitamin A or if coloring agents in orange fruits and vegetables like carrots are taken in the excess amounts, they are simply pushed into the urine to be excreted. Usually this effect is observed with lots of B-vitamins. In spite of taking vitamins, the urine can be clear when the density of the vitamins in the body is considered apt and there is no excess of it to be excreted.
Bright yellow colored urine indicates that your body is not only in dehydrated condition but also says that body is acidic. If the vitamin tablets that are taken in have more vitamin content than what your body requires then the excess will be flushed out through the urine. Sometimes if the vitamin does not get broken down or does not get absorbed, it may be simply excreted.
Riboflavin is called as vitamin B2. Riboflavin is a vitamin that gives the orange color to B-vitamin preparations and gives yellow color to the preparations of vitamin supplements. This color of riboflavin is also excreted through urine. If taken in excess, the urine appears yellow. So, a high dose of B-complex medication can result in yellow urine due to the coloring nature of the vitamin component.

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