Why do Wars start?

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Why do Wars start?

Wars occur due to economic, social and political reasons. Wars will have expected and unexpected outcomes. The wars primarily start when the leaders begin to think that what they think or do is right. Some leaders will aspire for land or trade with other countries which are not ready to give. These leaders tend to achieve what they desire forcibly due to which a new government forms and the economy builds a new form of depression. These types of wars will symbolize the people to kill or be killed. The leaders think that they have to take away and use the resources, people and land of the other country. It is nothing but robbery. The leader can also think of conquering the power in the other country and do not want the other people to get the power. The man remaining at the end in the war will experience the joy of winning the war by defeating the other country which is losing everything in it to the winning country.

Greed for money, power, resources and land along with fear of others that they might conquer the nation will allow the person or country to begin the war. The leaders who have taste for war will have disregard for human life and they do not feel that human life is very valuable. War starts and continues when any treaty that is meant for peace do not actually find the solution to these difficulties.

The reasons for a war to be started may be several. The reasons include the territory to be occupied, the economic status of the country which starts the war, for the sake of raw materials, religious basis, political Megalomania, racism in the society, different ideologies of the two countries, the testing of the efficiency of weapons, rights on large water bodies, a bitter internationally popular insult to the leader, and many more. Not able to tolerate any circumstances created by the other country can also be a reason for the beginning of the war. War can also occur for the sake of entertainment or due to the mistake of the country officials or for being mad about the resources and richness of the other country.

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