Why do we Celebrate Halloween?

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Why do we celebrate Halloween?

People of different cultures celebrate Halloween in different ways. Most Halloween parties involve dressing up in different costumes, and even adults are not put off by celebrating in this way. In fact, whether young or old, it has already become a normal thing for us to be seen dressed in our wonderful costumes ‘š whether they are based on cute fictional characters, or the more spooky ones.

Halloween is actually a shortened form of ‘All-hallow-even’, as the holiday falls on October 31, which is All Hallows’ Day. Back in the day, pagans also celebrated All Hallows’ Day together with All Saints’ Day, but the latter was moved so that it was celebrated after Halloween.

This celebration, according to the experts, is said to have originated from that of the Samhain Festival, which was celebrated by the Celts. According to these people, New Year meant the end of summer and the start of winter, which took place every 1st of November. For them, it meant welcoming the dark and death the night before New Year’s Day ‘š the main reason why they honor Samhain, who was their lord of death.

During these celebrations, Celtic priests would often burn animals and crops, and offer them to the lord of death. It was even said that it could have been possible that they also included humans as part of the sacrifice. People would sometimes wear costumes out of the heads and skins of animals as well.

As of now, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays ever celebrated. During this day, you will see many people wearing costumes, and going around the neighborhood or in malls asking for trick or treats. It is said that this tradition originated from the All Souls’ Day parade, where poor families asked for food from the wealthier ones, and, in return, the latter would ask the former to pray for the souls of their dead family members and relatives.

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