Why do Wheel bearings go bad?

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Why do Wheel bearings go bad?

The wheel bearing is considered as a part of suspension. Wheel bearing has the ability to bear the weight of the vehicle and makes the wheel to rotate. To perform this task, the wheel bearing should work properly and should avoid leaking. If the wheel bearing leaks, it creates lot of problem. Leaking makes the water and dirt to enter into the bearing. If the wheel bearing is making any noise, then it can be said that it is in improper condition. The noise that is given out by the bad wheel bearing is thumping noise. Improper wheel bearings can be dangerous as well as annoying. They can wear down the suspension after sometime. Abnormal vibrations and creaking noises are the indications for worn out wheel bearings. The bad wheel bearings cannot be ignored as it might be vigorously problematic later.
The car moves smoothly with the help of free and proper rotation of the wheels. The friction-free movement of the wheels is provided by good wheel bearings. The wheel bearings turn bad due to some reasons like poor maintenance and when oil seals get damaged. When you are using your car regularly and have used for longtime, it is necessary for you to get it checked once. Servicing the car is essential which must include the compulsory checking of the wheel bearings. If you move your car to many miles and do not leave it for servicing, then you might have to spend lot of money for maintaining it too. So, it is important to maintain the car properly. Hence, bad wheel bearings result due to improper maintenance.
The other reason for bad wheel bearings is that the dirt and dust fill the outer surface of the bearings as oil seals. The wheel bearings become loose and the wheel movement will be restricted. Bad wheel bearings have to be attended to, immediately to get them repaired soon. The wheel bearings have to be in good condition for us to experience safe driving.

Why do wheel bearings go bad?

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