Why do witches burn?

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Why do witches burn?

One of the most prominent and notable members of the ancestry of women is the witch. Emerging in the late 1400s, witchcraft is commonly acquainted with the use of supernatural of magical powers that sources from the dictates of the devil or is with evil influence. It has also been a common notion that witchcraft is mainly used to inflict harm towards a specific person or towards a certain community. As the belief propagated all over the world, witches, who are bound to engage in the alleged practices of witchcraft are said to have lost their souls to the devil.

Portrayed as an old hag in a black robe, wearing pointed cap and a flying broomstick across the night sky, witches are in possession of supernatural powers. This allows them to perform rituals that put the subject under a spell or a curse. A lot of people have tried to puts its propagation to a stop through one basic practice of burning. Over the years, the only way to get rid of witches is through burning. Witches burn because the composition in their blood is being destroyed by fire, thereby destructing their ability to execute any superficial power. The manner of burning therefore inhibits them from sparing their life from imminent death. Another identified reason why witches burn is because of the fact that burning is the only way for witches to be eradicated. Because witches are powerful enough that they are difficult to defeat by basic human efforts and weapons, the only method is to destroy its blood. As one essential component in one’s system, destruction of the blood of the witches disables them from conducting any forms of witchcraft.

Until this time, different regions are still in great belief of the existence of witchcraft.

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