Why do Women live longer than men?

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Why do Women live longer than men?

If we try to compare the life span of women and men, it seems that female can exist longer than male specie. There are a lot of explanations regarding this theory.

Others would impose that men work harder and faces more stress than women. But for feminists, this isn’t true. Women also work hard but they just know how to balance their life. They do not get depressed too often like men. Women are considered as stronger gender because they are more resilient to pain. This leads women to face life with positivism. Less stress would also mean less problems and longer life span.

Men are also prone to diseases because of the vices they do such as drinking and smoking. Although women are also involved with bad health habits, they are more serious when it comes to exercises, proper diet, and healthy lifestyle. Studies show that women suffer from heart problems at a later age compared to men who experience it by early 40’s. Menstruation is also one factor why women are healthier than men. Because of menstruation, women become iron-deficient. Iron helps produce radicals that might damage the cell leading to faster aging of cell.

If women undergo menstruation, men also undergo testosterone problems in their 20s. The level of hormone in the men’s bodies would usually lead to dangerous and extreme behavior of men. That’s why when males are in their teen age years, they become more adventurous and daring which in the end might cause risk to their life.

Another scientific explanation why women have longer lifestyle is due to their genetic makeup. Women have 2 X chromosome while men have an X and Y. The 2 X chromosomes can protect a slightly defective variation of genes. Men, on the other hand, don’t have this extra chromosome because of their XY chromosome combination.

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