Why do women mature faster than men?

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Everyone has heard the saying that women tend to mature faster than men, is this fact or fiction? There is much debate over this issue and some people do believe that women do in fact tend to mature faster than men. There have been numerous studies done on this topic to find out if it is true that women do mature faster and why that is the case. Ã’šÃ‚ One of the reasons that people believe that woman mature faster than men is due to the nurturing nature that most women possess. Women seem to be born with the gift of nurture and this can help them to mature faster than males.

Men on the other hand tend to need to be nurtured. Throughout the life span of a male, it has been said they need constant nurturing. Perhaps this is why men and women tend to make the perfect combination as they provide an equal balance for each other. It has been studied and the main reason that people feel that women mature faster than men is due to nurturing aspect. As we grow and develop the nurturing nature that woman possess can help to mature them faster. Psychologically speaking the presence of the nurturing aspect can help women to develop faster when it comes to their mind and their actions. In terms of the physical process both men and women are equal and possess the same status but the social situations and the nurturing aspect seem to help propel women a step ahead of men when it comes to maturity. Could this be the reason that a lot of men tend to like to date older woman? Many studies have also been done on that topic and it always seems to come back to the fact that women do mature faster than men and the primary reason would be the fact that women are very nurturing.

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  1. lee

    April 21, 2013 9:20 pm

    women only mature faster than men physically not mentally and this is only in the early teen tears.Mentally men tend to mature much faster because in life they are forced to fiend for themselves much younger than females.They are forced to support themselves and usually there female counter parts as well.Women are taught from a young age that men are here to take care of them an support them and are more caught up in the latest styles of clothing an world gossip rather than life lessons.This is also why you have many young single females out there blaming men for all there problems,the men got tired of having to do everything an left or replaced them an there bitter because now they have to grow up an support themselves.But even in these cases the females refuse to actually have to do something for themselves an move back home with one of there parents an collect insane amounts of alimony an child support if children are involved.You can steadily see these same women on dating sites with the headline “Are all men the same”or “i need just one to prove to me that there not all the same”.When you have matured you take some responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming the opposite sex and labeling them all the same.You only set your self up for failure in the future if you yourself don’t look in the mirror an change.You always have women who say”well women mature faster than men”.Yes that’s true but only physically and only in the early teenage years.Only an idiot would think the other way around ,the fact is everyone matures mentally at there own pace based on there environment they are raised in.The society we live in is one were men are expected to grow up an mature faster so they can support there mates,its a fact…


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