Why do women play with their hair?

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BlondeWoman.svgHave you ever noticed a woman playing with hair? Maybe she is taking her hair and twirling it around her fingers and looking at you? People are often puzzled by this action that so many women do and often wonder what does it mean when a woman plays with her hair. There are a few different theories when it comes to answering the question why do woman play with their hair.

One of the first and most common answers to this question would be that the woman is flirting with you. Often times when a woman sees someone that she is interested she may tend to play with her hair. Sometimes this is a subconscious action and other times she is well aware of what she is doing.She is often playing with her hair to draw attention to her hair and thus drawing attention to herself. Most woman take a lot of pride in their hair and when it comes flirting with someone, they would like that person to notice as well. So next time you see a woman playing with her hair around you, just keep in mind that there is a good chance that she may be flirting with you.

Another reason that a woman may be playing with her hair is due to stress. In certain situations when one is either stressed or nervous, people especially woman may often play with their hair. This is generally a subconscious action and people are unaware of this, but often find themselves playing with their hair. Taking a strand of hair and wrapping it around their fingers may often be the cause of stress. So next time you see a beautiful woman playing with hair around you is it stress, or is she in fact flirting with you?

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