Why do wrestlers wear singlets?

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Why do wrestlers wear singlets?

Among the many garments made available in the market, there is one type that not all people are well oriented with. Such kind of garment is known as singlet. Foreign sounding as it is, singlets can be simply described as those that wrestlers wear. For most people, the attire that wrestlers adorn themselves is personally made swim suits. However, in formal terms, such garment is the singlets.

Singlet is a piece of garment that is more commonly worn among amateur wrestlers. Considered to be a uniform, this type of clothing is usually made from spandex, lycra, or nylon. This is described to be one piece, tight fitting and colored uniform worn in the amateur wrestling ring. Singlets are oftne in the swimsuit like fashion that fits snugly on the body. Such garment is highly indicated for wrestlers to wear to several known purposes.

For one, singlets are worn by wrestlers to prevent the opponent from grasping one during the course of the fight. In the game of wrestling, most players have the tendency of grasping their opponents’ body to basically score a point. However, experts have noticed that such act bear no fairness and obviously violate the rules of the game. Thus, wearing of singlets has become a requirement.

More so, this type of clothing also facilitates easy palpability among referees, who is responsible for awarding points, penalties or pins. In this light, singlets enable movements to be swiftly seen not just by referees but by viewers and critics as well.

In the art of wrestling, wearing singlet is part of ensuring a fair game. Also, it has greatly contributed to the correct execution of movements and techniques incorporated in the game of wrestling. Thus, until this time, singlets are still being worn among wrestlers.

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