Why do Xbox 360s get the Red Ring of Death?

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Why do Xbox 360s get the Red Ring of Death?

There might be a number of reasons for Xbox 360 to get the red ring of death. First major reason is when it gets heated up. The power supply to the Xbox 360 should be in the same height which the instrument is placed at. It is always better to plug the instrument into the wall directly without any obstructions in between. The usage of power spikes in order to split the power connection might create problem.

It is observed that Xbox 360, if kept on the table on which even the television set was kept, then the performance of the gamer will decline. It is better to keep the gamer instrument on a small table which is exposed to ventilation properly. If it is kept inside a closed space covered especially with glass, it gets heated up quickly. It has to be kept in a spacious place and should not be compressed into a tight space.

It is always comfortable for the system to entertain you at a stretch for 2 hours and 30 minutes. It needs a period of 1 hour rest to again start entertaining you. The power supply should be monitored carefully that it is not sent disrupted. The red lights can also appear when there is any problem with the hard drive and the cooling system inside.

The red lights may come if the solders used inside are free of lead. This sort of solders will melt very soon. The cross shaped clamp that is kept inside the system for proper placing of the mother board may press the board unevenly. This uneven pressure might create more heat and make the solders melt. The heat absorber sometimes is left with some foil during manufacture. This might create a problem later as it cannot be removed without replacing the metal compound. As the cheap heat susceptible graphics chip is used, the system gets heated very soon and lead to formation of red ring of death.

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