Why do Yorkies Turn Grey?

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Why do Yorkies Turn Grey?

Yorkie or the Yorkshire terrier is described as a small breed of dog found in Yorkshire, England. Long time ago, this dog was bred to hunt and kill rats. This terrier was actually a cross of Waterside terrier, Old English Black and Tan terrier, the Paisley terrier, the Clydesdale terrier, and the rough-coated English Terrier.

In 1870, the breed was called the Yorkshire terrier known for its 3-7 pound-size. The body of this terrier is evenly proportioned. Though small, it is healthy and strong. This dog is easily identified because of its hair which is parted from the skull to the tail. The hair is glossy and fine. The hair would sometimes reach to the floor. This makes Yorkies lovable and cuddly.

Yorkies is also known for the color of the hair or coat. It can be silky blue, tan, or black. However, this coat is surprisingly changing. There were instances when dog owners become shocked seeing a different Yorkie because of the different of the colors. Some Yorkies were at first black with silver strands. Then the silver roots will dominate the black and in no time, the color will go back to its original.

Yorkshire Terrier is a glamorous terrier breed because of its flowing and changing coat. Originally, Yorkies are born black and tan but as they mature and get older, their color changes. The changes can be seen when they reach two years old. The normally darker color will become blue or lighter tan. Other Yorkies may turn grey because the black color fades as time goes by.

The hair of the Yorkshire is darker in the roots than on its tips so when we look at these dogs, they seem to have grey hair because what we see are the middle part and the tips of the hair.

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