Why Do Zippers say YKK?

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Why Do Zippers say YKK?

Where would today’s fashion market be without the amazing invention of the zipper? We would be held hostage in a button filled world and always feel the need to fear losing things out of our backpacks and purses. Now, that is not a way that I would ever want to live and I am quite certain that there are hundreds of millions of people out there that feel exactly the same way that I do about that issue. Now that we do not have to ever have that fear in our lives, there is one question that many people probably would never know the answer to.

The initials YKK that are on each and every zipper ever made or attached to our clothing and accessories has been in place forever. These initials are those of the creator of the original zipper, Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, who ran the very first Japanese zipper company. Now, yes that is a very long an unique name, so he thankfully did not feel the need to put the entire name on the zippers. Instead, he put his initials on them to show that he is very proud of his creation and he wants the world to always know who the first zipper maker was.

I think being proud for being the first to do or make anything is something that he and everyone else who has done it has the right to show off. There is nothing wrong with being prideful for doing something that has been helpful to millions of people over the course of time. I know that if I had created something that was essential in the well being of millions of people, I would certain try to find a place on it to place my name and stamp. So, whenever you are zipping up your pants, always remember that a little man in a little company in Japan is the reason for that zip of yours.

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  1. Charlie McKay

    June 28, 2011 10:04 pm

    The very first zipper was metal and invented by the Lightning Zipper Company of Kitchener Ontario Canada.
    The owner gave a tour of his factory to the Japanese who then produced far greater quantities on newer equipment at a lower cost which put the Lightening Zipper Company out of business.
    The owner committed suicide.


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