Why Do Zits Smell?

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Why Do Zits Smell?

Generation of zits on the body is common among many growing women as well as adults. Zits are mostly seen in men and sometimes often in few women. Zits are accumulation of oil from the oil glands on the skin. They appear on face as well as all over the body. When we squeeze the zit, if present anywhere on the body, white semi solid or white pus will be expelled out. But squeezing the zits is not recommended as it spreads infection.

Zits occur in people of all the ages. It does not distinguish between color, gender and age of an individual. Many situations can result in formation of zits. Stress majorly is involved in causing zits. Heavy stress not only affects mind but also affects the physical body. Many toxins are known to develop when the infection is spread. The infection will tend to get out of the body through pimples. Zits may smell bad when there is any infection in the pimples.

The testosterone hormone releases more oil in the oil glands of our skin. The oil gets mixed up with the dead skin cells and blocks the skin pores. This results in unhealthy skin. Zits are formed in this way. Zits might smell bad as they are unhealthy. Probably sweat gets clogged in the zits and aggravates the infection over there. This might be the reason for zits to smell badly.

When the skin is packed up with oils and skin cells we get whiteheads. The whitehead contains the oil accumulated underneath the skin surface. As time passes if the whitehead is retained, the oil will start reaching the surface of the skin. Now it turns into black and hence called as black head. This black color is not due to any dust in it but due to melanin pigment. It is necessary to treat the zits carefully. Otherwise they can burst and form nodules or cysts under the surface. This left over substances will leave a permanent scar on the skin.

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