Why Does Apolo Ohno Yawn?

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Why Does Apolo Ohno Yawn?

Apolo Ohno is one of the world’s greatest speed skaters and is a huge American favorite in just about ever single race he gets himself involved in. He is a great spokesperson and is considered a heartthrob by many of his female fans across the globe. He’s won three gold medals at the Olympics and is one of only four American speed skaters to ever have done that in a single Olympic tournament. He is a huge inspiration to many kids out there who are just getting into skating and quickly turned into the ultimate face of skating around the world.

Ohno does something that looks a little bit strange before each and ever race he competes in. He repeatedly yawns at the starting line before setting himself up to race and people have always wondered why he was always doing it. They would think that maybe it was a nervous habit or maybe he just trains so hard that he does not get enough sleep at night. The fact of the matter is that he has been doing that exact same thing since he was a little kid and he does it to calm down his nerves and prepare is body and breathing for the upcoming race.

I guess everyone has their own little quirky things that they do before competitive situations, but I had never heard of someone purposely yawning before being involved in a race. I think that it is pretty cool, though, since it obviously has seemed to work in his favor over the years. There are very few athletes, regardless of what sport they compete in, that have been as successful within their occupation as he has, so go ahead and yawn away, Ohno.

I truly believe that Ohno will go down as one of the most successful and popular American athletes of all time. There is very little that he has not achieved over the course of his career and I feel his next gold medal or championship will be very soon.

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