Why does Blood taste like Metal?

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Why does Blood taste like Metal?

The reason why blood taste like metal is because of the iron in your hemoglobin, which is the chemical that causes red blood cells to absorb the oxygen and transport it into your cells. Whenever someone bleeds in excessive, the blood has a tendency to smell like copper. The blood plasma, which is the liquid that makes blood flow through your veins/arteries, consists of proteins that transports copper into the bone marrow, which is called ceruloplasmin. When the copper accumulate here, it creates new red blood cells.

If blood is left exposed to the open air long enough, it becomes sticky and the consistency can affect the flavor. This can best be understood by comparing the difference between the taste of apples and apple juice. There will be variations in flavor based on the person or thing that the blood came from due to mineral content. The molecule found in the red blood cells is responsible for transmitting the oxygen to the rest of your body. It has something called a ‘porphyrin ring’ in its makeup that consists of iron.

The taste of blood varies from people to people based on the different amounts of iron or sugar in their blood. Iron is a metal, so blood will likely taste like what it is comprised of. Scientific books state that blood taste like copper because copper and iron are similar in taste and that more people are more likely to have tasted copper because of copper pipes being used for drinking water purposes that is why people are more familiar with the taste of copper.

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