Why Does Bolivia Have Two Capitals?

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Why Does Bolivia Have Two Capitals?

One of the more interesting geographical questions that is often asked concerns why the country of Bolivia has two capital cities. The answer to the question is fairly simple, but at the same time not completely clear. Bolivia’s two capital cities are both heavily related to their government and that is one of the major reasons why there are two of them to begin with.

The first capital city is called Sucre. Sucre was the initial capital city of Bolivia until around 1899 when there were some major changes in government. This era was called the Liberal Party of 1899. Sucre is located in the far Eastern region in Bolivia and is still considered by many to be the ultimate capital city that stand alone in importance. This is also the capital city in which the judicial government resides.

The second capital city in Bolivia is called La Paz. La Paz was also a major factor in the Liberal Party of 1899 in which the government, which massively supported the Liberals, wanted to have La Paz be the one and only capital city in Bolivia. They were actually partially successful because the presidents and congressmen were relocated there and still remain to this day.

The very rich history of Bolivia is held within the lands of these two historic cities. They are one of the very few countries in the entire world that actually can say that they have two different capital cities. The reasons behind this sort of split are, obviously, quite important because it was the result of some very serious wars and battles which forced the government to change hands and go their separate ways in the end. Sucre and La Paz will famously go down in history as two of the more important cities in the history of the beautiful country of Bolivia.

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