Why Does Dog Poop Turn White?

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Why Does Dog Poop Turn White

White dog poop is a common sight to see in lawns, backyards, and even on the streets. People know what it is but only a few know the reason why it becomes like that. Everyone knows what a poop looks like when fresh and many wonder why after a few days it becomes white and hard.

There have been many answers to this question but only one appears to be the most logical and can be proven scientifically. Poop, as we all know, is waste matter from a living organism’s body. It’s called feces or fecal matter in scientific circles. And like everything in this world it’s a result of a systematic process.

Dogs by nature are carnivorous. They like to gorge down on meat and bones. It’s why they have sharp teeth and such big mouths. They were built to rip and tear flesh. But despite these features, the hard bones they consume aren’t totally disintegrated and some of it stays solid in their stomachs.

Inside the stomach, the intestines work hard to digest what the dogs ate but unfortunately not of all them can be accommodated. Small portions of meat and bones go out as waste material otherwise known as dog poop. Normally, waste material takes on the color of what it consists. For dogs it’s usually brownish or a little darker.

Feces or poop undergoes the process of decaying when it hits the ground. Small organisms called bacteria which number by the millions go to work and feed on them. When they are done, what are left are parts or substances that are too tough for these creatures to digest like bones which are made of calcium. Calcium is a white substance and that accounts for the color and consistency of dog poop after it’s left in the ground for a few days.

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