Why does Farrah call her dad Michael?

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Why does Farrah call her dad Michael?

‘Honor your Father and your Mother,, is one of the Ten Commandments that all of us are supposed to abide by. If you are a non-believer of God, then the more universal equivalent to this would be to respect your elders. But regardless of both, a lot of people these days, most especially teenagers, no longer abide by this rule of thumb. Almost to the point that they think they are better off or more knowledgeable than the elders around them. Take for example, the character of Farrah in the MTV reality show Teen Mom. Would you believe that she actually calls her father by his first name, Michael?

For all we know, Farrah just addresses his dad with much animosity and sarcasm. She probably feels that coming from her difficult experiences as a teen, she is grown enough to make choices on her own and does not have anybody to answer to anymore. Truth be told, nobody is ever too grown up enough to have the right to disrespect their parents, or any elder for that matter. If you think about it, regardless of how people perceive their parents, they wouldn’t be where they are now if it weren’t for them.

If there were no parents around, who will conceive you? Who will you call for support or ask money from? Who’s going to take you back after the boyfriend or the girlfriend you runaway with betrayed you and left you for another? Who else can love you unconditionally but the same two people who went through all the trouble to ensure that they give you the best of life. In truth, no one can take his or her place. For those guilty of this, maybe this is a genuine concept of love that is being taken for granted.

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