Why does Firefox keep crashing?

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Why does Firefox keep crashing?

Firefox is one of the most convenient browsers, as it allows us to accommodate several plug-ins. These accessories make us feel really comfortable with using the browser. Nevertheless, it becomes very slow to load all the files related to the browser during its start up. So, it takes quite a few minutes to show the Firefox application after the computer is started. One of the reasons for Firefox not being able to withstand many applications might be the lack of virtual memory. It is necessary to have a higher RAM in the case of simultaneous usage of many applications in the browser, to avoid crashing.

Sometimes, if the profile related to the executable file of Firefox is corrupted, there are chances of it crashing. In that case, it is always good to change the profile settings and run the application. Every application to be run on your computer is handled by registry files. The files in the registry will have directions for using all the applications on your computer. If these files are spoiled due to a virus attack, your applications are not handled properly, and they crash. In order to rectify this situation it is better to make it a habit to use a software to fix the registry files that are corrupt, and to clean them. You need to run this software once in a fortnight, or once in a month to keep the conditions under control.

Most of the time, lack of enough computer resources when a big application is running on the internet through Firefox will result in crashing. Sometimes, due to the presence of search boxes for Wikipedia and Google desktop as additional plug-ins, might cause a problem in loading the Browser completely and successfully. If you remove them, it will probably help Firefox from crashing. It is better to keep as few extensions or plug-ins on Firefox as possible to help it run smoothly, without crashing.

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