Why Does Flavor Flav wear a Clock?

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Why Does Flavor Flav wear a Clock?

Flavor Flav is one of the more unique characters in the entertainment industry and has been for quite some time now. He started out as a a singer and hype man for the rap group, Public Enemy, and basked in their tremendous success that lasted for many years. I believe they are still making royalties on some of their old and extremely popular songs that were at the top of the rap charts for a very long time. Since that time, though, Flav could be seen on a variety of different TV shows and also in quite a few movies making cameo appearances.

The TV show, The Surreal Life, is pretty much the main reason why Flav jumped back into the spotlight a few years ago. His relationship with actress, Brigitte Nielsen, on the show gained a lot of interest from viewers and eventually turned into a reality show of its own which was given to them by VH1 because of the success of The Surreal Life. The relationship eventually came to an end, but actually lasted longer than anyone could have ever imagined it would.

The most famous aspect of Flavor Flav, though, has to be the gigantic clock that he wears around his neck as a necklace. Since the very first time that he appeared on our TV sets, we were all introduced to the huge clock around his neck. Not many people really ever knew what the clock was meant to stand for, but based on a few accounts, it actually stands for his telling people what time it is in rappers terms. I think that is pretty clever and old school, so he is still cool with me.

Even though Flavor Flav’s star has dimmed a little bit these last few years, I believe he is still one of the most recognizable people in the entire world. Especially if he is wearing that silly looking clock around his neck. Hey, it has worked for this long, I don’t think he’ll have a problem making it last a few more years.

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