Why does iPad need SIM Card?

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Why does iPad need SIM Card?

Apple’s iPad has a micro SIM card called as 3FF SIM. Gemalto is a company that synthesizes the micro SIM card for iPad of Apple. The SIM cards manufactured by T-mobile are restricted to 2G network which has lower frequency. The 3G frequencies of iPad are varied from the frequencies used in T-mobile network. Using the SIM card of T-mobile, iPad will go as fast as first version release of iPhone. Normally smaller SIM cards are generally made to suit the smaller designs of mobile phones. Apple’s way of preparing small sized SIM card for large iPad instruments and large sized SIM card for small iPhone instruments was really amazing.

The reason behind the creation of micro SIM cards might be to attain business ends or just can be an unknown reason. Generally, microSIM is used in those instruments where there are space constraints. The other reason might be that it is their way of carrying out the business or their strategy to spread their devices all over.

It is the opinion of most of the people that the microSIM was not suggested for Apple’s iPad because it would be a contrast to that of AT&T. Of course there is no proof for the differences of iPad with that of AT&T. There is evidence to say that the microSIM was not created small because of little space availability in the iPad.

Apple wanted to use microSIM card in iPad as this instrument was destined to be used for 3G networks. The new smaller SIM cards are designed and manufactured to supply high speed internet for iPad. This step of introducing SIM card into iPad device taken by Apple, is telling that the future devices might also be having the combination of data and voice applications. In summary, iPad needs SIM card for 3G connectivity service.

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