Why does Islam spread so quickly?

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Why does Islam spread so quickly?

The Islam started to spread after the death of Prophet Mohammad in the year 632. The Muslim community called ‘Ummah, came into existence during the period of Prophet Mohammad. This community started to spread from Arabian Peninsula. This community was converted later into Islam. In the first few centuries after the Islam community has started, fast growth of Islamic world was achieved under Rashidun and Umayyad Caliph. Later Muslim Empires were established like Abbasids, Seljuk Turks, Mughals, Almoravids, Safavids and Ottomans.

The ‘Ummah, community activities have spread Islam all over the world starting from Mecca; extending till Indonesia where the world’s largest Muslim population is found currently. The statistics data taken on October 2009 revealed that there were 1.571 billion Muslims all over the world. Since then Islam was observed as second largest religion in the world.

Hinduism is an age old religion and is the root cause of any faith that was ever in the people to live spiritually. But, due to some egoistic activities of Hindus, social inequalities increased and people got fed up with Hinduism. Hinduism is an eminent religion which includes various rituals, customs and traditions that has ability to liberate the human being forever if followed properly. It was not the fault of the religion but it was the fault of those who did not understand and follow Hinduism properly and misused it. This made the uneducated to choose some other religion which does not make them strenuous in following the rituals as well as in leading religious life. Islam promised to show paradise after death which gives more sensual pleasures for the people who follow Islam. These promises as well as the alleged low morality of the religion made people to easily run after the Islamism.

Islam was readily accepted by several people belonging to many races. Arabia, Persia, Syria, Egypt, North Africa and Spain accepted Islamism easily. Many ascetic people think that the religious values in Islam made the religion to spread fast. The Islamic religious principle to live as all-embracing and all-comprehensive way was a tool in its rapid spread. The Islam followers in exercising the idea of transmission of its message were also reason for its rapid spread.

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