Why Does Julia Mancuso wear a Tiara?

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Why Does Julia Mancuso wear a Tiara?

Julia Mancuso is a really interesting person for so many different reasons. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has such a variety of interests as well as an abundance of talents. She is one of the greatest American skiers that has ever lived and continues to get better and better at that craft. She won medals in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games as well as the most recent Olympic Games in 2010. Not only that, she runs a successful lingerie business that she also models for in her spare time.

One of the things that she has gotten a lot of attention for in recent months has been the fact that she can be often seen after her races wearing a tiara on her head. It would seem like an odd thing for most people to be seen wearing a tiara so often, especially after an Olympic race, but Julia is just that kind of quirky and unpredictable type of person that seems to be able to get away with acting a little different every now and then.

She says that the reason that she wears the tiara is partly based on it being kind of a good luck charm and also because her management team gave it to her for being so opinionated. Well, I guess it has worked so far because she really has not done a lot of losing in a very long time on the slopes as well as in her business and personal lives, either.

I feel that she can wear whatever she wants to as long as she is not hurting anyone or herself in the process. It seems to be very beneficial to her and her teammates, so I would not change a thing if I were in her shoes. Mancuso is an example of what is right in today’s entertainment industry and I hope she keeps it up for as long as she possibly can.

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