Why does Kim Zolciak wear a Wig?

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Why does Kim Zolciak wear a Wig?

Kimberleigh M. Zolciak shortly known as Kim Zolciak is a famous singer. She became still more popular with the American television reality series ‘The Real House Wives of Atlanta,”. It was shown by bravo cable network in the fall of 2008. She is native of Connecticut and is a divorcee. She has two children who are girls.

People have doubts about her hair and asked her if she wore a wig. She seems to have responded to that emotionally saying that she was sick and had lost her hair. People had mistaken her emotions and surmised her sickness to be cancer. Later, she clarified in another interview that she never had cancer. But she admitted that she was utterly sick, lost weight and had hair loss. She did not reveal about her sickness to anyone in the interview.

Some people think that she might have wanted to replace her original hair with the hair of her choice. Her choice was platinum blond and hence she might have totally destroyed her normal hair. In order to cover up her head till the new hair grows, she wears a wig. Some think that she is suffering from Trichotillomania, which compels the singer to pull her hair frequently when she is disturbed. Many think that probably she is covering all this ugly hair on her head to avoid others looking at it. Some say that due to her desire to become a pop singer she dyed her normal hair in order to have long blond hair. When she was not able to reach her expectations she has to replace the modified hair by a wig. Some think that she satisfied her boyfriend called Big Poppa’s desire to see her with long blond hair. In one of the interviews, she told the audience that she had anemia and thyroid problem which caused her hair loss. She said that this was the reason for her to opt for a wig.

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