Why Does Lady Gaga wear a Wig?

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Why Does Lady Gaga wear a Wig?

Lady Gaga is such a phenomenon in the media spotlight these days that everyone has these crazy thoughts and ideas regarding her personal life. These ideas even branch out to her clothing, sexuality, and even whether she wears a wig or not. This is the most recent question that I have been faced with, so I decided to do a little bit of research to find out the reason behind her feeling the need to wear a wig while she is on tour or doing interviews.

One such theory behind her wig wearing is that she may or may not have had cancer that she recovered from and does not have a lot of hair on her head. This, I feel, is completely bogus and is kind is a cynical way of looking at her wig usage as a whole. I, personally, do not think that she ever had cancer, though it has never been reported either way.

A second theory, which is the most popular amongst her fans, is that she was born a brunette and prefers the bleached blonde look. I tend to agree with this after seeing some pictures of her with a brunette wig on. She does look much better as a blonde and stars tend to go in that direction especially the pop vixens. I cannot argue with this logic if it is in fact true. It sounds a lot better than her having some disease anyway.

No matter what the reason behind her wig wearing antics, Lady Gaga will remain in the spotlight for whatever reason her fans and the media come up with. She is a very mysterious woman and that will always lead to questions about her lifestyle and fashion sense. There is nothing wrong with that ,in my mind, as long as she keeps making money.

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