Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

There are many people out there who do not really understand why their cat licks them all of the time. This makes a lot of sense because a lot of cats’ actions don’t mean the same thing as when humans or dogs do them. Licking can mean a couple of different things, but I’m sure those who are curious about it will be pleased with the most probable answer to this question.

The fact is that a cat licking a human being really is a sign of affection even if their face doesn’t really show much happiness. Unlike dogs, they are not licking the salt off of your skin because that really doesn’t please them like it does dogs. Cats lick people and other cats (especially their kittens) because that is the way that they express how they feel. Licking is the opposite of when they flash their teeth or stand in a defensive stance.

There are times that constant licking on the face can be a sign of illness, but this is pretty rare. If cats are ill, they will usually show signs of it in other ways. However, there have been cases where a cat constantly licks whatever is in front of it, so yes, it might lick you in the face when it is sick. This is not something that most people need to know, though.

You really should be a happy pet owner if your cat likes to lick you because that means that he or she really has accepted you as a family member. The reality is that every cat owner in the world should hope that their pets end up feeling this way about them. It takes quite a bit of work in some cases to gain a cat’s trust, so if you have reached this point in your relationship, be proud of it.

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