Why Does My Pee Smell Bad?

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Why Does My Pee Smell Bad?

Often, pee with a strong odor simply means that at the time it is very concentrated; there just isn’t enough water in the body to let the urine be at its normal consistency. Thus the urea, highly concentrated in the urine, smells, often times strongly of ammonia. Any sort of dehydration can cause this, even because of being in bed for a few hours, which is why urine can smell in the morning, just after you’ve woken up. You will often smell very specific things, ketones from the urine, as they generally are present, and other byproducts from the food you ate the night before, such as asparagus, or even medication, such as penicillin. Other substances commonly found in urine cans also give it a very strong smell, such as nitrogen-containing compounds and phosphates. Drinking water, and thus un-concentrating it, can reduce this odor.

Pain, burning or stinging upon urinating can be present along with strong smelling urine; this could be simply from the undiluted urine, as it will have high acidity, but it can also be a sign of more serious complications. Be sure to check with your health care provider if this symptom is constant and persists for any length of time, or continues for more than three or four urinations.

Cystitis (inflammation of the urinary tract) or kidney infections are also possible causes, and should be definitely ruled out as a potential cause, as they are possibly lethal if not tended to. Urethritis, or inflammation or infection of the urethra, the pipe that connects the bladder and releases urine outside of the body, can also be a common cause and should also be looked at ‘š this is a simple test, just a swab of the urethra, or a urine test. A medical professional should look at any unexplained symptoms.

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