Why Does Nelly wear a Band Aid?

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Why Does Nelly wear a Band Aid?

The famous rap artist, Nelly, is well known for a lot of things ranging from his catchy rap songs to his interesting choice of fashion sense when he is at award shows or just out and about on the streets. One of the more interesting fashion accessories that he has been known to sport around town is a wide range of colored band aids that he has, for some reason, chosen to wear underneath one or both of his eyes. This trend has seemed to catch on with today’s youth pop culture as well as a few athletes that have been seen wearing similar band aids under their own eyes. Most notably was Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat basketball team.

The reason behind the band aids have never really been made clear, but if I were to guess I would say that he might have initially worn the band aids to cover up an injury and then decided to keep wearing the band aids after someone probably told him that it looked unique or cool. I can understand this because young people are always looking for the next big things or something new to try out. The band aid that Nelly wears just so happens to be that new big fashion trend.

So, you can’t really blame Nelly for giving the band aid a shot and also he should probably be given some props for being able to start a trend such as this. Not many people have the guts to think outside the box and actually make something stand out like Nelly has. He has not only done this through his original fashion sense, but also with his music. That is definitely something that he should be able to hang his hat on and never feel bad about doing.

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  1. Bradley

    October 22, 2010 3:01 am

    This is incorrect, the meaning behind the bandage under the eye is to symbolize you have a friend behind bars, and when he gets out you take it off.


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