Why Does Oedipus blind Himself?

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Why Does Oedipus blind Himself?

Many people believe that Oedipus blinded himself solely because he felt he had to hurt himself for unknowingly being with his mother and having kids with her. It is one of the most touching scenes of any story ever told because it is both shocking and revealing of the human condition. It is a classic part that needs to be understood by everyone who reads the book or watches the play because it really does make you think about your own life.

First of all, blinding was done for a reason because Oedipus has been blind to the reality of his life since he was a child. This was a great way to bring the whole story together and really make the whole thing make sense to the reader or the viewer. This type of action gives us a better feel for the real tragedy of the whole thing. Feeling Oedipus’ pain when he blinds himself makes you quickly think of everything that he was blind to throughout the story.

Blinding also keeps Oedipus from having to see the looks on other people’s faces who now know the truth about him and his mother. Though this may seem really extreme, he was a very proud man and for his character, blinding made it totally sensible for him to react this way. After all, it is not about his action itself as much as the meaning of his action.

This decision to blind himself is what makes the whole story work because it wraps up the true message it was trying to tell in one act at the end. There is so much that people will do to get everything that they want in life, which makes them blind to so much along the way. It is a great message and something that I think many people who read this story will learn from.

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