Why does Over Watering a Plant kill it?

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Why does Over Watering a Plant kill it?

Having a garden full of healthy plants is a nice addition to a house. Watering plants is one chore that is both easy to do and relaxes you. However, we can sometimes go overboard when watering them. Doing this actually does more harm than good.

Water is important in the survival of plants but too much of it can kill the plant. Excess water in plants can cause it to be ineffective in absorbing nutrients from the soil through its roots. The roots need air to breath and when there is too much water, the area around it gets flooded and it cannot breathe. The nutrients in the soil are vital in helping the plants grow. This scenario leads to rotting roots. When the roots are rotten, then there is no way for the plants to get the nutrients that it needs. Eventually the plants die.

So when you take out the air from the soil where the plant is anchored due to excess water, you are doing the plant more harm. These pockets of air around are important for the roots to grow. These fine small roots of the plant are important because they help the plant get more nutrients and minerals from the soil and be efficient in its absorption. The roots are cannot absorb the nutrients if they do not function well more so if they are already rotting.

The excess water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites and the same goes with the rotting roots. The area including the soil becomes infested with parasites. When the plant is attacked by these pests, it becomes the food source for it. When it has completely overtaken the plant’s systems, it will die. So the next time you are out in the garden, take it easy when watering the plants.

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