Why Does Poverty Exist?

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Why does poverty exist?

The world’s poverty exists because of decreased development of economical status of the country. Unemployment and illiteracy are observed as other reasons for the poverty in the world. The economic development is slowed down due to the development of negative approach towards the work, not being disciplined, no team work, unable to use natural resources which are observed as causes for the underdevelopment of economic status.

The statistics is showing that thousands of poor people all over the world are dying because of starvation and under nutrition. The expectancy for life is found to be low in the case of poor people and the deaths among the infants are also high. Many thousands of people all through the world were known to die every year due to starvation and under nutrition. The poverty exists because people who have money will want it more and the people who do not have the money will not have proper education and enough opportunities to get out from poverty.

Some people live in very low economic communities and they will be self sufficient with their resources. Though they are comparatively poor to the people who live in urban areas, they are satisfied with the crops they are growing, animals they are rearing and the small industries using which they trade. These people do not think that they are poor as they are self sufficient with what they have and feel that this will make them live comfortably and happily. The rich people keep on getting richer as they strive all through their lives to enhance their property and later give it to their children. Their children will get the fortune even if they do not deserve it.

The poverty problem exists also because of some primary functions of the government. The government has to strive to offer stability in terms of laws and property rights. Without this basic principle implemented by the government, it will be difficult for the people to develop new products and work hard. This is because the products will be snatched away by the groups that are powerful. So the solution for the problem is just not the government. The variation in the abilities of the humans will lead to the changes in their income which might result in differences in their economic status.

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