Why Does Queefing Happen?

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Why Does Queefing Happen?

OK, so this is one of the more disturbing topics that I have ever written about, but also one that I was always kind of curious about as well. Being the sexual person that I am, I have often wondered why the squeaky release of air from a woman’s vagina happens during or after sexual intercourse even though the answer to the question is pretty much cut and dry. The act of the air releasing often leads to either disgusted looks or a burst of laughter, but regardless of the result, it is still a bit of an interruption when it comes to trying to remain in the romantic mood for as long as possible.

The reason behind this release of air is caused by a pocket of air being formed throughout the act of sex with all of the pushing and in and out movement that is going on during sex. If the air is not released, it can often cause quite a bit of discomfort for the woman. It is almost like having a gas pocket in your stomach and we all know how painful it can feel when you are trying your best to hold in a massive fart. This might not be the best topic of discussion to have with the woman you are sharing your bed with, but sometimes it is good to let the girl you are with know that you understand the strange movements of the human body.

So, the next time that you are lying in bed with your girl after a vigorous workout and she starts to whistle Dixie out of her body, it is probably not very polite to start laughing at her or shunning her because it is a very natural and pretty essential bodily function. Thought it may not be the most pleasant sound after doing something so beautiful, it is nice to know that the girl that you are with is not in any pain or anything like that.

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