Why Does Rigor Mortis Occur?

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Why Does Rigor Mortis Occur?

It is always been quite the phenomenon trying to figure out exactly what happens to the human body after someone dies. There are many different steps that occur inside and outside of the body when that time comes for the person to move on from its human shell and Rigor Mortis is one of the first steps to go down. Rigor Mortis usually starts taking place right after someone dies and lasts for about 72 hours depending on the temperature in the room that the death occurred in.

The process of Rigor Mortis takes place mostly because the muscles cannot relax after someone dies. The bones in the person’s body start to actually contract within themselves and the skeletal muscles start to do the same. It is a natural and amazing process to read about, but I would never want to be the person in the room to witness anything like that happening.

Rigor Mortis is a natural part of the human body’s journey from birth to death and is actually pretty incredible when you really stop and think about how fascinating the body really is. Even in death, the body is starting a process of recreation even though the brain is no longer active and able to tell the muscles and joints what to do. It is almost like they all have minds of their own and know what to do no matter what the situation is.

Rigor Mortis always comes across as a word that nobody wants to hear or think about because it means that death was definitely part of whatever conversation the word came up in. It is definitely a sad word for human beings, but also a very interesting word to doctors and scientists who study the human body and life and death situations. It is the most natural of processes that can happen after someone dies and it is not something that will ever stop happening.

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