Why Does Urine bubble?

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Why Does Urine bubble?

Bubbles in the urine may be due to the vigorous flow of it when the air gets stucked inside the bubbles. The foamy appearance might be because of the fast flow or due to the large amounts of protein in the urine. It is not easy to determine the exact reason behind the urine being foamy. If the micro albumin study reveals that the urine is positive for albumin and is beyond its normal range then it may result in diabetes. Abnormal amount of protein present in the urine is also called proteinuria. The protein content in the urine is controlled by glomeruli in the kidneys. If the protein has not been filtered by the glomeruli and has reached the urine, it means these appendages are damaged. The protein in the urine reacts with the air in the atmosphere and forcefully touches the water in the toilet bowl and hence creates froth.

The presence of air bubbles in the urine is rare and it might also be due to a condition called pneumaturia. This condition results when a passage between two organs like the bladder and the colon is formed. This passage is called as vesicocolic fistula. This occurs more in men than in women. An inflammation is seen at the bottom of the bladder and fluid is accumulated subcutaneously. Bubbles that are generated in this fluid due to diverticular abscess, Crohn’s disease, colon cancer or female genitalia enter the urine. It is necessary to consult a doctor for the diagnosis of any of these illnesses in case of the presence of bubbles in the urine.

The person who observes bubbles in his urine may also have pain below the ribs which has to be immediately taken to a physician’s knowledge. Sometimes due to urinary tract infection, bubbles do form in the urine. The presence of kidney stones and kidney diseases may also cause bubbles in the urine. However, if one can see bubbles in the urine it is necessary to go for urine testing.

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