Why Does Urine Foam?

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Why Does Urine Foam

Urine coming from a perfectly healthy individual should be clear and flowing like water. But there are times when it takes on a different color and creates foam when it hits the toilet or the urinal. Should you be concerned when your urine foams?

When a liquid hits a hard surface like that of a toilet bowl or the floor it creates air bubbles that sometimes concentrate on one area effectively creating a foaming effect. This is similar to a waterfall cascading down fast and hitting rocks at the river bottom or when a powerful hose is used to spray a wall or a car. It’s only one of the logical explanations for urine foam.

The other reason and the one you should pay attention to is that urine foaming can be caused by the presence of protein in your excretion. You must be thinking, protein is good for the body so why is it being dragged out of my system? Yes. Protein is one of the most vital substances that make up your body. Without it, you will certainly die.

The presence of protein is urine is not usually a cause for alarm. It could be that you’re just getting more of it than you should and the body is doing its job of removing all the excess substances in your system. This work is the specialty of the kidney.

The kidney, when healthy, will not let protein out as it recognizes your body’s need for it. But once it begins to show signs of malfunction, it will no longer be able to do its job properly and important substances begin to leak out of your body. This is when foam in your urine becomes a signal for you to make an appointment with your doctor. It’s the only way to find out for sure.

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