Why Does USPS Tracking Not Work?

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Why Does USPS Tracking Not Work

In this day and age of modern computers and fast communications systems, online tracking of mail, parcels, and packages should be easy. But it seems not to be the case with the United States Postal Services and their tracking system.

A lot of people have complained about the USPS and the services they have when it comes to providing information about the whereabouts of their mails, cargos, and packages. More often than not, they claim, the USPS online tracking system doesn’t work or doesn’t give accurate information.

One complaint claims that a package arrived to its destination even when the online tracking system said it just left their warehouse facility. Another one says the address he wanted the parcel delivered to didn’t match the one in the tracking system but still it arrived at the right place the next day. It’s an odd and worrying experience for USPS clients.

Despite all the negative speculations, there is one explanation that seems to explain everything that’s been going on in the USPS tracking system.

A USPS worker explains that not all the numbers issued by the post office are tracking numbers. And not all numbers can be viewed online by the public. He adds that what are listed at the online tracking site are Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation which are not tracking services. Only the Express Mail and International Mail have tracking services.

Furthermore, he says that if a certified or insured number is issued, information regarding that delivery is not viewable online and can only be accessed by the post office the mail was sent. And so the next time you send something through the USPS, be sure to inquire their personnel about how to properly keep track of the items you sent. Nevertheless, the USPS needs to upgrade their system real soon.

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