Why Does Vag Smell?

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Why Does Vag Smell?

A vag does have a musky smell. This is common to all women. It should not be something that will offend you. However, when the smell bothers you then there must be something wrong down there. Proper hygiene helps in controlling the odor but when it becomes bothersome, it might be time for you to go to a doctor.

As said earlier, proper hygiene helps a lot. If you do not take care of it, by keeping it clean and dry, then you will surely have an odor problem. A bacterial infection can develop thus resulting in a foul odor. An infection is often accompanied by a foul smell down there. This is also one of the common reasons that make the vagina smell. Yeast infections that are not cured will surely make it smell that is more often than not noticeable even to those around you.

Another reason for bacterial infection is the accumulation of sweat in the vaginal area. If you are one of those women who sweat out a lot, extra effort should be done to make sure that the area is kept dry. Wearing sweat pads can help in curbing vaginal infections due to sweat.

An imbalance in the ph level of the vagina can also contribute to the odor. There are a lot of scented products in the market that actually disrupt the natural ph of the area. So when you are buying a vaginal wash, make sure that it is not one of those products.

When you have your monthly period, make sure to change your sanitary napkin and tampon when it is already full. Letting it stay in the area can lead to bacterial growth which in turn will lead to a foul smelling vagina.

Proper hygiene should be at all times to prevent this from happening.

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