Why Does Ven look like Roxas?

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Why Does Ven look like Roxas?

Kingdom of Hearts is one of the more popular role playing video games on the market today and has been for almost ten years now. There are so many different characters that the users of the game have grown accustomed to seeing and with all of the different powers and cultural signs, they are impossible to not be intrigued by. One of the more noticeable characters in the game has to be the one they call Ven. He has been one of the main characters since the first installment of the game came out in 2002. More recently there has been a new character in the game that is raising a lot of eyebrows.

Roxas is a brand new character in the ‘Birth of Sleep, installment of the Kingdom of Hearts and many of the game’s users are curious as to why this character looks strikingly like the main character, Ven. Many have speculated that they were separated at birth or something like that and that could definitely be a viable option as to why they look so alike, but I think it might be something a little bit more sinister than that. Also, I do not think the developers of the game would make it that simple for the game users, either.

I believe that Roxas is an actual clone of Ven and will eventually try to take over the kingdom that Ven has spent each and every installment of the game preserving. This would make for some pretty special clashes if this actually goes down. Birth of Sleep has yet to be released, but when it does I am sure that there will be plenty more twists and turns to keep the users locked into the story line once again. This series continues to evolve and I doubt it will be shutting down anytime soon.

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