Why Does Weed Make You Tired?

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Why Does Weed Make You Tired?

Many people get this effect when smoking marijuana, but not all. In fact, some people are positively wired by the stuff ‘š this all has to do with the type of person. But for those of us who do get very tired, there are a number of simple reasons that it could be any one of them, or of course, a possible combination of all or some of these reasons.

First and foremost, there is the smoker’s physical well being and, of course, their physiological makeup. Every person is different, one of the miracles of life, but what this also means is that every single thing affects us differently than the next person, whether it is a prescription drug, over-the-counter medicine or even just a glass of milk. So smoking weed, being such a strong chemical put into our bodies, is of course going to affect everyone differently. But there are certain things that are more common among populations, in this case, feeling tired. It is just our bodies’ reaction to it.

Of course, there is also the simple act of smoking itself; when someone inhales people smoke any kind of smoke mind you they inhale various chemicals. The THC is the desired chemical, but the smoke by its nature of being smoke contains many more chemicals and especially, toxins. Two of those particular chemicals are carbon monoxide and benzene. They both are powerful toxins to the body, and are lethal in high doses, because they actually inhibit the body’s ability to properly absorb oxygen. The effect is a sleepy, tired feeling, drowsy even the reason that you do not get this while smoking a cigarette is that the nicotine more than counteracts this effect, but weed contains nothing to counteract this feeling.

And then of course, there is the relaxing feeling that the THC gives ‘š it is a ‘chilled out, feeling, and of course, that makes you tired.

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