Why Does Weed make your eyes Red?

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Why Does Weed make your eyes Red?

Coming from someone that used to do a lot of weed smoking, I can tell you that one of the worst side effects of smoking the green goodness is having your eyes turn the brightest color of red known to man. To the point where it is nearly impossible to get away with being too high if you do not have any Visine lying around somewhere close by. This is all a moot point, by the way, if you are anything like me. I would always have issues not being able to stop laughing at even the most stupid of things, so the red color in my eyes were probably the last thing I had to worry about when it came to getting caught being too high.

The red color that often appears in everyone’s eyes after they smoke a joint or a bowl of weed is normally caused by the THC clotting up the blood running through someone’s eyes. This is not cause for concern, however, because it is a normal process of the body protecting itself from potentially harmful chemicals and clots that can sometimes form in the body. Not only is this a helpful part of the body functions, it also happens each and every day to just about every human being on Earth regardless of whether they are smoking weed or not.

I will always look back on my weed smoking days fondly, but sadly I am no longer able to enjoy the high feeling because of frequent panic attacks. Not sure why they all of a sudden started occurring, but they do and I am done with the ganja. So, anyone pout there who has a hard time getting away with being stoned because your eyes are turning bright red, Visine is a simple and inexpensive solution to that common issue.

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