Why Does Zicam Work?

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Why Does Zicam Work

Zicam is a homeopathic cold remedy that is said to shorten the duration of colds. It has become popular among people especially those suffering from this sickness due to various reasons. It contains zinc that is said to be the main reason why this cold remedy works effectively.

The zinc in Zicam is labeled as ‘zincum gluconium, which is a common form of zinc that can be found in dietary supplements. It is also called zinc gluconate and is also present in lozenges that are common relief for colds and sore throat.

Studies indicate that the high levels of zinc in zicam are the reason why it is effecting in curing colds. Zinc is a mineral that is said to be very helpful in making the immune system of a person stronger to fight off infections like colds and flu. A well maintained immune system helps us have less sick days and also helps the body in recovering much faster.

Zicam does not advertise itself to be a total cold cure. It merely shortens the number of days that you can possibly suffer from it. It also does not have as much chemicals as a common cold cure has. Zinc, which is one of the ingredients, can be attributed to the effectiveness of this product. Using the product when you feel the symptoms coming in can be more effective compared to using it when the colds have already started.

Basically, Zicam is there to help you get over with the sickness as quickly as possible. The zinc in it helps you combat the cold virus that has attacked your system. Colds are viruses that really have no cure. We just have to let our bodies fight it off naturally. This is where the effectiveness of Zicam comes in. An additional dose of zinc in your system can do wonders.

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