Why Does Zyprexa cause Weight Gain?

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Why Does Zyprexa cause Weight Gain?

Many of the anti psychotic drugs which are used for treating Bipolar disorder were found to have the tendency to increase weight gain. The study conducted by De Haan on 9 patients with bipolar disorder revealed that there was increase of eight pounds of weight on the average in a four months period. In another study called Crocq study, the effect of Zyprexa on weight increase was observed in sixteen patients during the period of three months. The weight was increased by 20 pounds.
It is believed that weight gain is a typical side effect of Zyprexa. In several clinical research studies, it is noticed that 22% of adults and 40% of adolescents have increased their weight by at least seven percent of their normal basic weight. This increase in weight can increase the risk for diabetes. The Zyprexa medication is observed to enhance weight due to the appearance of a disorder called ‘Metabolic Syndrome,.
In the research reports released by John Hopkins University, it is said that the anti psychotic drugs can develop connection between natural brain chemicals and stimulation of appetite. They noticed that there are some molecular elements that are involved in linking these drugs with food intake. This breakthrough has made them study in detail about the Zyprexa causing weight gain.
Dr. Solomon H. Snyder, who is a professor at John Hopkin’s School of Medicine, has found out the role of AMPK in increasing the weight due to the antipsychotics. Antipsychotics are proven to be inhibiting the histamine H1 receptor. These drugs were known to increase AMPK activity. Researchers also noticed that leptin administered to mice could reduce the appetite and lower AMPK activity in their brain. There is a connecting link developed between histamine receptor and appetite control.
Therefore, the reason behind Zyprexa causing weight gain is the blocking of the histamine receptor by the antipsychotic drugs which will decrease the AMPK activity. The decrease of AMPK activity will increase the appetite and hence leads to weight gain.

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  1. Cecily

    October 4, 2016 9:50 pm

    I have been on Zyprexa for over a year and since I started it I have put on 40 pounds!!
    I have to out way being a fatty vs hearing voices and anxiety… it’s a tough decision because I was happier at my old weight so my depression has gone up for sure. I’ve also noticed that 1/2 an hour after I take it I’m starving for sugar. Ice cream etc. it’s discouraging for sure.


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