Why Is Education Important?

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children-studying-670663_640Go to college and face the real world

The world today is no longer like that of yesterday as you need more preparations to face new challenges. It has no tolerance for the mediocre who do not know how to maneuver over difficult roads. It appears that a high school diploma is no longer adequate to climb the ladder of success. With a college education, you open doors that can transform you in ways that you might not imagine. Changing economic scenario in the U.S. showed the prolific manufacturing-based economy is now on its way to an economy based where knowledge provided by a college education can make possible. With a tertiary education, you enjoy better options and more opportunities.

What college education is?

College or tertiary is the educational level that comes after completing secondary level or high school. Education in the 3rd level includes the undergraduate and post graduate courses, as well as vocational education and training. Venues for training are provided by colleges, universities or institutes of technology.

Higher education covers teaching, research, exacting applied work like in the medical or dental field; as well as social service activities. Within its realm are learning disciplines from various branches of knowledge and specialization in certain fields.

To enter college, you must have demonstrated ability in reading, mathematics, and writing, as other skills typically measured in your field.

Benefits of a college education:

1. Become a better person ‘“ There is a strong link between a good college education and the quality of life lived by a college graduate. Education is very important and it really does help to improve your quality of life.  

2. Know more about oneself ‘“ During your college work, you acquire knowledge, skills and brainpower, discover your passion, follow & satisfy your curiosity achieve self-discovery; make new friends, and prepare for a future fully-equipped.

3. Enjoy better opportunities – People who have a college diploma open up better choices and opportunities for jobs as high-paying employment requires a college degree. In 2009, there were 9.7 M unemployed high school compared only 5.2 M college graduates without jobs.

3. Develop into an independent individual ‘“ In college, young people become mature, responsible and self-sufficient adults. As college training offers young students many kinds of help in making this transition, such aids are provided through academic advising, counseling, tutoring and other support.

4. Choose wider options ‘“ College provides learners the choice of their life’s work as they experience lots of different subjects. This is the best method to begin training for a career right away. Or one may pick a major after taking some time to check out his/her choice.

5. Earn more money – College graduates find better jobs with higher pay than a graduate with just a high school diploma. A bit of comparison shows that a college grad brings home around $1,100 a week while high school diploma holder makes around $638.

6. Live a happy and healthy life -Studies present college graduates as happy and healthy people that make good relationships. Divorce rate for college graduates who married between 1990 and 1994 is only 25% compared with more than the rate of 50% for those without a four-year college degree. Also considered is the fact that people with just a high school diploma are nearly 2 x in poorer health than college graduates.

Today, college is affordable despite the rising costs of living as various scholarships are made available; not to mention a truly affordable student loan. If you take your scholarship search seriously, there’s no reason for you to pay full price. With this opportunity, there is no reason why young people would not get a college education. Whether you have a long-term plan or you want a short-term path, college education can help you achieve a better future.

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